Technologists who love coming up with and helping others with great ideas.

Who we are

Tarnover is a Venture and IT services company headquartered in Pasadena, California.

Founded in 2013 Tarnover was mainly focused on working with early-stage startups to build out and scale their infrastructures. Over the years the business has expanded into working with larger companies as well as into new verticals and ventures. All while keeping the focus on helping companies realize their potential by leveraging thought leaders and experts in their respective fields. Be it DevOps to Information Security to Design. Tarnover employs the most experienced and battle-hardened startup-minded team members.

Tarnover is a 100% telecommute company since we believe in working with the best people, not the nearest.

We are dedicated Open Source proponents and share code whenever we can to help grow the OSS community, as well as donating to projects we use and support.